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Introducing carefully crafted pants, featuring a classic straight cut design with a simple, seam-free exterior. This construction minimizes weak points, ensuring a longer lifespan and aligning with my commitment to retouch and repair.

The material chosen 310g/sqm cotton canvas is sourced from furniture and artwork canvases, making for a sturdy and comfortable wearable art piece. These pants come with two deep front pockets and back pockets with frames, offering space for artistic expression. It’s a practical blend of style and durability, perfect for those who appreciate both comfort and creativity.

Mikazuki, a one person operation by Christian Godin who crafts personalized wearable art in Sweden. Each piece, from concept to creation, is a unique celebration of your individuality. Tailored to your fit, your wearable art arrives within two weeks, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

For a supreme experience, connect with me through the exclusive “mikstamp” app. Chat about production, view your collection, and recover lost accessories like bags or wallets. Welcome to a world where functionality and style meets genuine craftsmanship, effortlessly with a touch of personal connection.

The concept is simple, I draw something then I realise it, it is process with a beginning  and an end, when I am happy with the result I buy a role of textile that fits the design and on demand sewing that product until there is no more textile, then I design something else and continue the story, just like the moon, it is a cycle with a beginning and an end to start anew.