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Mikazuki & the crescent moon

My wearable art features classic cuts inspired by various cultures, crafted on demand for both men and women using the finest materials available.

The creative process begins with an initial concept, which is then translated into tangible form. I start with a sketch, followed by a technical drawing, and then create a pattern. Each design undergoes thorough testing through practical use, ensuring functionality and thoughtfulness.

Once a piece is ready, I photograph it and share it with my list of clients. Products are available for purchase on my internet store until the fabric is out of stock.

Orders received are handmade in my atelier by me and typically shipped within 1-2 weeks.

Maintaining personal contact with my clients is crucial for ensuring a superior experience, especially regarding size adjustments or any other inquiries. To facilitate this, I’ve developed an exclusive Progressive Web Application (PWA) where all purchased ‘artwear’ is collected in a personal digital gallery. Through this app, clients can engage in live chats with me regarding production progress, view their owned items and related information. Additionally, accessories such as bags, wallets, and keychains can be tracked and recovered if lost, among other features.

As a designer and artist, I take pride in mastering every step from conceptualization to the finished product. From website creation to photography, editing, sewing, and artistic endeavors, everything bears my personal touch. Mikazuki embodies a lifestyle tailored for those who value individuality in every detail, where you are the protagonist of your story.

Nikola Tesla at Sherry's restaurant in New York, USA, on 21 February 1910